5 Ways to Mitigate Stress

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How well do you handle stress? Some thrive in stressful situations, while others break down. Avoiding unnecessary stress is a smart move, but unfortunately stress is a fact of life for many. Therefore, learning how to deal with whatever stress comes your way will give you the best chance at staying calm, cool, and relaxed.

Here are 5 ways to help mitigate stress and improve Read More

Boost Your Metabolism

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We often hear new clients say, ‘I feel like my metabolism is getting slower as I get older.’ What does this mean, and what can we do about it?

Metabolism is defined as all the biochemical processes that occur within a living organism. Think about this as the number of calories the body burns to maintain itself.

Your metabolic rate is determined by a few different factors, but the ones you have the most control over are the amount of muscle mass you have on your frame and the total amount of energy you expend on a daily basis.

With this in mind, how can you improve Read More

Super Powerful Superfoods

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It’s important to understand that the energy needed to function and stay healthy does not necessarily come from calories, it comes from the nutrients that make up those calories. While ‘quantity of calories’ is an important factor in maintaining a healthy weight, ‘quality of calories’ is an essential factor in maximizing overall health.

Consuming the following superfoods – nutrient rich foods that have considerable health benefits – on a daily basis is one way to Read More

Maximize Your Results

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With warmer weather finally here, many are hoping to be in great shape for the summer. If you’ve been hitting the gym all winter with minimal results to show for it, apply the following tips to ensure your body has a reason to change.

Add progression. If you aren’t pushing your body to do a little more each week, your results will fizzle out over time. Get in the habit of keeping a workout journal and recording your workouts from week to week. You can progress by Read More

Clean Up your Diet

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With spring finally here, it’s time to give your diet a thorough cleaning. Changing the types of foods you eat on a seasonal basis can help your body rid toxins and absorb more nutrients – giving you that fresh new feeling just in time for spring weather.

The first step is getting rid of ‘dirty’ foods. This includes most processed foods, fast foods, sugary foods and drinks, foods containing enriched flour, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. Non-organic foods also contain Read More

Improve your Sleep to Improve your Health

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Sleep is a state of reduced or absent consciousness that should technically take up about a third of our time. Sleep gives the body and brain time for much needed repair and recovery. We can all tell when we get a good night’s sleep and when we don’t.

Many people wake up tired due to poor sleep quality or just too little sleep. Besides being fatigued and irritable, lack of sleep can have negative health consequences including Read More

3 Reasons to Sweat Every Day

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How often do you embrace a good sweat?

Sweating occurs with an increase in body temperature. This can be brought on by several factors, such as anxiety, sickness, or physical activity.

Most people avoid sweating, as it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. But sweating has many benefits, especially when the sweat is a result of exercise. For your next workout, push yourself to the point of a prolonged sweat and take note of how you feel afterwards.

In the meantime, check out these 3 reasons why Read More

Bust Through That Plateau

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As you continue your quest to lose weight and improve your health, you know how challenging it can be when you hit a plateau. You work harder and harder but nothing seems to happen.

A great thing about the human body is that it will adapt to the environment you put it in. For example, if you increase your activity levels and decrease your caloric intake, chances are, you’ll lose weight as your body sheds stored fat.

But, there are many things to Read More

Strength Training with Heavy Weights

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Do you ever lift heavy weights when you exercise?

So many people who come to us for help have mainly focused on ‘cardiovascular exercise’ in the past such as running or biking. For those who have done strength training, it’s usually been with light weights.

Now, these types of exercise are great and have many benefits, but don’t be afraid to incorporate heavier weights into Read More

Reach your Fitness Goals in 2018

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If you set out to become healthier in 2018, be mindful of the following advice. They’re not your typical ‘must do’ tips, but play an important role in losing weight and keeping it off.

Take responsibility. If you’re not happy with your weight or current state of health, take responsibility and admit that you have not been doing your part. Don’t blame lack of time, the abundance of junk food, or depleted motivation. No one has more control over Read More

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